2018-2019 CAB Community Action Plan

In 2018-2019, the Community Action Board of Santa Cruz County, Inc. (CAB) conducted our most recent needs assessment of poverty in Santa Cruz County, to guide our multi-year Community Action Plan (CAP). In an effort to capture a truer and deeper understanding of poverty in our community, our staff and our Board intentionally designed a new approach to gathering, assessing, and analyzing information.

Our CAP Process was guided by two core commitments:

  • An inclusive and robust model of community engagement, one that moves beyond traditional means of data collection and needs assessment to include, and involve those most affected by poverty, many of whom lack access to traditional forms of involvement.
  • An equity-based approach to assessing and addressing poverty, one that expands conventional conceptions by seeking out not only to equalize resources but to also advance equity and promote social justice.

You can access our 4-page executive summary of our CAP Report, through this link. To see our full length report, please click here.