EVERYONE in our community COUNTS!

Ensuring that every resident in the County of Santa Cruz is counted during the 2020 Census has long term implications for our community. CAB and the County of Santa Cruz are working together to ensure that all individuals are included in the decennial census. There are many ways to become involved in this large scale effort.

***You will NEVER be asked for money for anything related to the CENSUS. Be aware of scams that ask or demand money from you.***

NEW! Trusted Messenger Survey

Interested in helping us develop our strategic plan so that we can reach all members of our community for Census 2020? Complete our Trusted Messenger Strategic Plan survey. These are needed back in the CAB office by April 30, 2019 and can be mailed to lisam@cabinc.org. We value your input!

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We will be running two Census 2020 training sessions at the Watsonville Public Library on Thursday May 30th, from 10-11 am and then again from 2-3 pm. The afternoon session will be a repeat of the morning session. Find out more about the training and sign up HERE.

If you are interested in learning more or would like to become involved in volunteer census work, please fill out our general Interest Survey which can be found here.

FOCUS GROUPS CAB and the County of Santa Cruz are hosting a series of focus groups to get community input on how to develop a successful strategy for reaching all members of our community.

To sign up for our June 12 meeting at Resurrection Church in Aptos, click HERE for more information.


LEADERSHIP If you are interested in assisting in a volunteer leadership capacity, please see our signup form here. More information will be posted soon!

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