To become involved in Census Work in Santa Cruz County, fill out our Interest Form (coming soon) and get involved!

Census Leadership Team: Part of a small 5-7 person team, a Census Leadership team member will

  • Meet regularly at the CAB office with fellow team members
  • Oversee a team (or more) of Team Ambassadors working in specific sectors (K-12 Education, Faith-based organizations, Retired, Immigrant Rights groups)
  • Gather data from your sector (Number of events, outreach attempts, people reached)
  • Report the work of your volunteers back to the CAB and share updates and troubleshoot issues
  • Provide feedback and guidance to the CAB Team.
  • Phone banking, tabling, holding meetings as needed.
  • Continuous recruitment of other volunteers.

Team and Hard to Count (HTC) Leaders: These Lead Census Ambassadors will oversee the volunteers working in a particular sector. They will

  • Meet individually or in small groups with volunteers and share resources that will help with census education.
  • Grow your volunteer base within your sector.
  • Encourage volunteers to develop Pods/networks where they can promote the Census.
  • Gather feedback and data from volunteers, which will be fed to the Census Committee at CAB.
  • TEAM and HTC Leads work together to identify HTC individuals within their sector and proactively develop a plan to reach them.
  • Time Commitment: 2-5 hours a week
  • Example: A K-12 Census Lead would recruit volunteers who have access and familiarity with K-12 schools, work to develop resources that work best with this sector, encourage volunteers to develop deeper networks at individual schools or programs, and collect data from the Census Ambassadors to inform additional outreach.

Census Ambassadors: Ambassadors do the leg work in promoting the Census in their networks of friends and co-workers. Ambassadors will

  • Ask their Team Leaders for resources to share with others.
  • Actively share information about the census through informal discussions, presentations, phone banking or tabling at events
  • Report back to their Team Leader on the scope and frequency of their outreach.
  • Help CAB Census team brainstorm ways to reach HTC individuals
  • Develop Pods/networks of people where you can train others to promote the census.
  • Time Commitment: 1-2 hours a week, or more if you are interested.
  • Example 1: Share census information with people at your gym and ask to post information about the census.
  • Example 2: Hold a meeting at your local senior center or church and encourage participation in the census.
  • Example 3: Phonebank with a list provided to you by CAB, or one that you develop with your team leader.